This Unicorn kit is MAGICAL! A baby Unicorn is called a "sparkle/shimmer" so let this kit add some sparkle and shimmer to your childs life!


Unicorns, rainbow pipe cleaners, sparkly gems and more, just about everything your kiddo needs to explore!


*This kit does not come with the rainbow/tiedye dough that is pictured! If you would like this dough, please go to the 'Shop Extras' section on website and click 'Play Dough' to purchase! :) 


All kits created by a Early Childhood Educator!
Sensory play is very important for kids and allows them to learn so much about the world around them in a fun, hands on, fun and interactive way!



*EVERY "Biggie" kit will include 3 doughs, a placemat and a cookie cutter 


*If you would like these items in your order you can go to the section "extras" to purchase some kid-safe scissors or mini rolling pins!

*Dough will last 3+ months when stored in the original containers (It only lasts this long due to me using non-toxic/no preservatives in the dough)

*Dough will become softer when worked through your hands, if it needs some more attention add small drops of warm water and knead! (You may see some salt at the top of the dough if not played with for some time. Work it through your hands and it will be good as new!)

*Items may vary slightly from kit to kit and may not exactly match the photos but the quantity of items will always be the same (I will replace with similar items)

*Small pieces- these kits are intended for ages 3+ due to choking hazards


Dough Colors and Scents:


*Orange- Orange

*Yellow- Lemon







Unicorn Kit