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8 containers of play dough!

  • Please read my 'dough care' instructions on my website for longevity of the playdough etc.


Colors and scents: 


Orange- Orange

Yellow- Lemon

Green- Lime

Blue- Eucalyptus



White- Vanilla


*I don't make black or brown playdough anymore- so you will receive 8 doughs in your order

Rainbow Stack Dough

  • *Flour


    *Cream of Tartar

    *Vegetable Oil


    *Minimal Food Coloring

  • Please store your dough in the original containers. They are air-tight which will help your dough last 3+ months! 

    If your dough begins to harden, add drops of hot water to it, and roll/knead until soft again! 


    *My dough is homemade with 0 toxins and preservatives 

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