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These Dough-on-the-Go kits are perfect for keeping your child happy and busy at restaurants, car trips, and airplanes! 


Pick a theme from the drop down menu that your child will enjoy the most.

Don't forget to pick your 1 play dough color/scent too!


Each kit comes with:

-1 on-the-go kit 

-1 4oz. playdough (in clear jar)

-Many goodies from the theme of your choice!


*These kits do not come with a mess-free placemat on the lid like the 'Biggie Kits' so feel free to go to the 'Shop Extras' tab to check out a personalized name and theme placemats so your kiddo can play mess-free on the airplane or the car :) 


*Dimensions of the kit: 7"L x 4"W x 3"H

PICK A THEME- Dough-on-the-GO

Dough #1 Color/Scent
  • Items may vary slightly from photos